Stress less is best!

Stress less is best!

There is nothing more detrimental to your health than stress! Stress can lead to many health problems including emotional eating, depression, anxiety, lack of motivation (particularly when it comes to exercise) and can even lead to a lack in your general health leaving you susseptible to the general bug that is going around the office. 

Unfortunately for most people that work, stress is a given. You can not completely avoid stress BUT you can learn to manage it :) 

Next time you’re feeling stressed take some time out to do some of the follwing things. The following are just some ideas on ways you can relax and de-stress!


1. Read a book.

Delving into your favourite book can take your mind to another place and can soon have you forgetting your current worries!

2. Take the dog for a walk.

Taking your right hand pooch for a stroll is a great way to get outdoors into the fresh air and do some low impact exercise. Not only will the warm sun on your face feel refreshing, i’m sure your little best friend will also enjoy the time out too.

3. Head to the beach.

There are statistics ot there that claim that spending some time at the beach can actually lower stress. The rolling waves, warm sun, fresh crisp salty air and grainy sand between your toes. Ahhhhhh!

4. Spend some time in “your quite place”.

Yes! This may include lying still on your lounge room floor closing your eyes and taking some deep breaths for 10 minutes, it may include going to one of our very relaxing centergy classes or even taking a yoga class!

5. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!

Exercise has been proven to make us happy!!!! (maybe not while we’re doing it, but afterwards). Exercise (especially cardiovascular training) releases endorphins in our body which make us feel amazing! Have you ever noticed how good you feel after completing an exercise session?


Try any of the above ways to reduce stress next time you’re starting to feel a bit wound up, and always remember there are people around, you can always have a chat with and de-load all your worries. Friends, family, collegues etc etc!


Happy training! xx


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