5.9kgs and 42cms Lost in the 84 Day Challenge!

Wow! Finally, something that works! Before I tell you all about this amazing lifestyle change I will just let you know how I came to find it.

I always considered myself to be a fairly fit person with a relatively healthy diet. However after having a big end to the year with a 4 week trip to America, followed by numerous Christmas parties (read way too much alcohol here) and backed up by 3 weeks in Melbourne I came back to work in January feeling BLAH! I had been struggling with various minor health issues, had put on weight, was tired, lethargic, bloated and generally felt unwell.

The name Matt Thom (84 Day Challenge Creator) had come up earlier in the year through one of my training seminars so I decided to check out his program. He was amazing and as I read  more about the program the more I realised this is exactly what is missing, And the best thing, its easy! Clean eating, knowing what to eat, when and why. Brilliant!!

2 weeks into this program and my niggly health issues (that I had for years!) …..gone! my energy levels- HIGH, clarity returned and I felt on top of the world. Can it really be this easy? YES, it can. I want  to share this with EVERYONE!

Prior to doing this challenge I was a sugar addict! I had lolly bags stashed everywhere, car, office, desk, kitchen, handbag- it was my 3pm go to. I am proud to say I am no longer addicted to sugar- coffee perhaps but no sugar!

This program is so simple yet highly effective. In 12 weeks I lost nearly 6kg and 42cms, just by eating clean and exercising correctly.

Do you want the fit and healthy body you have always dreamed of? You can, Ask us how TODAY!


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