4 week challenge winners for November 2019

Congratulations Kim Wilson, Rebecca Lea and Pierre Mare, Well done you guys do so well. Keep up the hard work.




Craig McSwan – July 4 week challenge winner

Winners are Grinners :-)

Cm 4wk challenge FB






Justine Movliatti – July 4 week challenge winner 2019

Winner winner chicken dinner :-) 

JM 4wk challenge FB





4 Week Challenger winner for 2018!!


Last year in November we decided to challenge our Members and put out a 4 week challenge just before Christmas. $10 per person per entry into challenge and we done skin folds and measurements and the winner gets the CASH at the end and just in time for Christmas and new years.

Everyone did so well in the challenge but it was hard because that time of the year everyone is having their Christmas work parties and there are always the never ending weekend of birthday party invites that happy that time of the year!!!

Jai Chaplin was our winner of that 4 week challenge, he did so well and kicked butt big time! He lost 15kgs in 4 weeks, He is definitely an inspiration to a lot of people who are wanting to do a challenge and get great results like Jai. Well done Jai, Keep up the great work.


jai challenge BW






 4 Week challenge winners 2019!!


Everyone was looking forward to doing a 4 week challenge straight after Christmas and new years finished! We up the anti this year and made the challenge a little bit different. $20 per person per entry, skin folds, measurements and weigh ins and we also had 2 winners male and female and winners get the CASH! This made the challenge that little bit more interesting and everyone was so committed to the challenge.

Florence Scott – Our winner for the women’s challenge, Florence lost 5.6kgs, 6% body fat and 18cms!!! Super great results Floss, Keep smashing them goals girlfriend!


Florence challenge BW







 Neil Blake – Our Winner of our Men’s challenge, Neil lost 10.1kgs, 6% body fat and 21cms!! Such a great effort Neil you deserved to win that challenge, so much hard work and effort put in to get these amazing results!



neil challenge BW





 Congratulations to all our winners, you guys have done a great job and put in the hark work to reach your goals. Keep smashing them goals!

8 Week Challenge!!

All in One Fitness Centre regularly runs an 8 Week Challenge and we have seen some incredible results!!

Participants dedicate themselves to their health and fitness, with regular Personal Training sessions, meal plans and fun weekend group workouts! Check out some of our success stories below:

Harriet Jackson was one of our runner-ups in our recent 8 Week Challenge and was the lucky winner of our Hinterland Sports makeover package! Harriet has worked extremely hard and her dedication has certainly paid off!

“The scale read a number that sent me numb through my entire body. All of a sudden I was not the same cheerful person that everyone assumes  i am….. my stomach churned as I felt disappointment echo throughout me…… As i stood there in disbelief I realised i had two choices; I could find and make up excuses of how I let myself get to this point, or, I could use this disgust to fuel my motivation and make me work for it, really work for it! This realisation came at the right time, for the past 3 weeks i had been staring at the posters advertising the 8 Week Challenge….This was exactly what was required to kick start my weight loss and regain my happiness!

At first i saw this journey as a challenge…. (but) I have continually felt supported in the friendly environment that is on offer, and not once have i felt judged or uncomfortable in this setting.

This journey has brought me back to my old self. I have regained my happiness, along with confidence, energy and the desire to continue…. Thank you to each and every person who supported and gave me the motivation I needed”


15078757_1337921846242575_6848314879789602493_n 15135951_1337921839575909_3663040911206986336_n14991877_1335472853154141_4434309833915368413_n

 Our recent 8 Week Challenge Winner – Leanne Luck!!!

We are super proud of Leanne and how hard she has worked! As the winner of our Spring 8 Week Challenge, Leanne won a $500 cash prize! Way to go Leanne!

“I am so glad I did the All in One 8 Week Challenge. I was a little bit unmotivated prior to starting but the challenge had me record my food and exercise so it really keeps you in check. The Workout and Food diaries make you accountable so that you do the right thing for yourself.  I lost 6.5kg and 49cm during those 8 weeks and my fitness has increased so much! I cannot believe it when i look in the mirror and see a smaller and happier me!”

leanne-2  leanneleanne-3

Here is an AMAZING couple that have worked so hard!

Tracey and Neil both started working with Taz around 8 months ago.

Tracey had already started her weight loss journey and just needed a bit of a boost! She is the rock!

Neil however, had to be dragged and hates our workouts

We are so proud of them both! Well done guys, no looking back – you now have a bright future!




Two of our most dedicated participants –  Daniel and Brooke Short  worked so hard as a team and supported each other along the way! 

Daniel lost a total of 9.2kg and Brooke pipped him at the post with a total weight loss of 10.8kg!!
They are well on their way to smashing their goals and we are so proud of their dedication and hard work!!! Well done guys!

Daniel Short1930576_1038786019514844_7753144787358613519_n


We are also incredibly proud of a very special woman from our Mooloolah club – Greta Coles! Greta has come a long way during her 8 Week Challenge  inspiring all those around her! Read her story below :


A few months ago I was feeling pretty bad about myself. I have suffered from depression and anxiety (still do but controlled) and have hidden it pretty well. The only place I couldn’t hide it was my weight. I gained a lot of kilos last year which made me feel worse. It got me to a point of having no self esteem, self love or self worth. This affected not only me but my kids, relationship, job – everything! I hit a point where enough was enough. So I decided to change. Nathen had joined the gym and was encouraging me to come with him. I kept saying January but I joined up on December 8th as I needed to stop the excuses. Since then I have lost a total of 11.2kgs and approx 40cm off my body. This has been done with exercise and sticking to a meal plan. No fads!! Just self control and self motivation. Along with the amazing support of my gorgeous husband whom is smashing it too!
Today I completed my 8wk challenge at the gym. During the 8wks I battled many demons of my past. The old habits, patterns and bad self talk tried to derail me but I wouldn’t let it. I have stayed focused and determined and am now looking towards my next goal of reaching a total loss of 30kgs by September 29th. This journey isn’t about getting skinny, it’s about being healthy, feeling fit and gaining back control of my mental health. Plus, I want to walk into a shop and buy clothes that I like straight off the rack!! This stuff isn’t spoken about enough. I have learnt so many things that I didn’t know all the other times I have tried to lose weight. I also have an amazing gym family and have some pretty inspirational people around me keeping me going. I have some dreams and goals for the future but 2016 is all about getting healthy and reaching a goal I haven’t been able to reach in the past due to my mental blocks. I’m more than happy to chat to anyone who struggles with obstacles trying to lose weight. I want people to feel comfortable talking about their struggles so you too can gain empowerment and inspiration to reach your goals as well. We are all human and you will find that when you verbalise things someone else has gone through the exact same thing. If you want to follow my journey I have an Instagram (@a.girl.with.a.goal) that I use purely for myself to track my journey but have discovered so much motivation, inspiration and support through complete strangers on the same path. I hope this post inspires someone to draw on their inner self worth to make the changes they so greatly want but can’t quite do it.

My PT is the owner and his approach to the gym is the best I’ve come across. So, Taz, thank you from the bottom of my heart. We ain’t done yet buddy!! You’ll have to put up with me for a while longer. Haha


You are incredible Greta and you are going to smash any goal you set!! Well done girl!