Preparation – Talking meals, sleep and energy

(The alarms gone off, it’s dark, still a bit chilly and you stayed up late last night watching your favourite episode of “Game of Thrones”. Your eyes are still heavy and you realise you can probably get another 30 minutes of shut eye in so you re-set your alarm for another 25minutes. BOOM! The alarm clock is going off  again and now you’re LATE! You only have a few seconds to decide which is more important. Having a quick shower and looking half respectable for the day or quickly preparing breakky and making lunch for later on. Being so tired you opt for the shower option, afterall you can buy lunch right?

Does this scenario sound familiar?


You have skipped breakfast as you didn’t have time to have any, and all you could manage before you need to be at your desk is a drive thru coffee from Zarraffas. Smoko rolls around and by now you are feeling exhausted already..your stomach is rumbling and you feel a small headache coming on already..must be time for another coffee? You look at your food options in the closest cafe. Salad sandwiches, blueberry & choc chip muffins and fruit salad line the fridge. Your body is craving energy as it hasn’t had a meal since 7pm last night, which by now means you have not eaten for over 13hours. Your body tells you to buy the blueberry muffin as the sugar cravings hit..oh and another coffee.


Lunch time comes buy at 12pm. You head down to the same cafe. The smell of hot chips, sausage rolls, pies, burgers and pizza fill the air. You can not help yourself..the smell is just too good. Your body is starving by this time of day so you grab some hot chips and a coke.
The energy from this food does not (and will not ever) satisfy your body. So when 3pm comes by you take your $2.50 and grab a choccy from the office vending machine. )


The above scenario is oh, so common. BUT…it does not have to be. PERFECT PREPARATION PREVENTS POOR PERFORMANCE.
Processed foods like coke, chocolate, muffins, pizza, chips etc will only satisfy you for so long until your body realises “Hey i need to eat again, i still haven’t received the nutrients i need”. These foods only trick your body into thinking it has been fed, that is until the body starts to tell you it needs to eat again, looking for more fulflling and nutrient rich food. To prevent poor eating habits try MEAL PREP. Perhaps on a Sunday try preparing your healthy meals for the week and then freezing them. Soups, Chicken meals, healthy/homemade pizza, whole meal pasta dishes, salmon fish cakes etc etc. There are soooo many options. (Many which can be found in the books we sell in our foyer). For those sweet cravings preparing healthy slices, homemade dark chocolate, fruit salads etc will look after that. If you don’t have time on a Sunday to allocate to food prep, trying preparing lunch the night before. One of the best parts is, being prepare will SAVE YOU MONEY and your HEALTH! If your lunch is prepared you will have time to organise a fullflling and healthy breakfast! Your body NEEDS breakfast to function for the rest of your day and it also kick starts your metabolism. Try spinach, eggs, tomato and avocado on whole meal bread or muesli (pick one with no dried fruit) and fresh fruit with almond milk. Just a couple of ideas. And lastly, think about recording that episode on TV, and watch it when you have spare time. Getting your 8 hours of shut eye is just as important as a healthy & clean eating regime.

Pop in today and check out the amazing recipe books we now stock at Maximise Health & Fitness. They have soooo many yummy and easy to make options that even the busiest of busiest people will have time to make. For’s time to log off and enjoy the yummy summer salad I prepared earlier :) WHY START TOMORROW, WHEN YOU CAN START NOW.
Happy Monday friends. xx